sabato 2 giugno 2012

Shuffle Test #20

Ecco un'altra puntata dello Shuffle Test, preso in prestito da Starlight del blog My Crazy Life!! ^^ Come al solito la ringrazio per avermi permesso di prendere in prestito queste 27 domande.
Vediamo insieme le 5 semplici regole:

1. Imposta l'mp3 in modalità "shuffle"
2. Usa il titolo della canzone come risposta
3. Per rispondere alla domanda successiva premi "avanti"
4. Commenta l'effetto della risposta

20. Avrai dei figli?


Daiiiiii, questa è stupendaaaa!! xD Non ve lo dirò mai, tsk u.u


Ain’t the pictures enough, why do you go through so much
To get the story you need, so you can bury me
You’ve got the people confused, you tell the stories you choose
You try to get me to lose the man I really am
You keep on stalking me, invading my privacy
won’t you just let me be
‘cause you cameras can’t control, the minds of those who know
That you’ll even sell your soul just to get a story sold
I need my privacy, I need my privacy
So paparazzi, get away from me
Some of you still wonder why, one of my friends had to die
To get a message across, that yet you haven’t heard
My friend was chased and confused, like many others I knew
But on that cold winter night, my pride was snatched away
Now she get no second chance, she just ridiculed and harassed
Please tell my why
No there’s a lesson to learn, respect’s not given, it’s earned
Stop maliciously attacking my integrity
Now there’s a lesson to learn, stories are twisted and turned
Stop maliciously attacking my integrity
[CHORUS x 3]

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